Screen-time kerfuffle, iPhone lost ground and 5G questions

Apple will release earnings later today.

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Apple pulled several screen-time apps from the App Store. Their creators are angry, but the rationale from Apple looks reasonable: don't use MDM (Mobile Device Management) tools that are not intended —or allowed— for that.

Disney's Circle platform uses VPN connections and a smart gadget for the house to measure and limit what platforms are allowed for family members. This looks like the right approach going forward.

Besides, Apple just approved Guardian, the first "Firewall" app for iOS which is available to preorder in the App Store. I assume it works in a similar way to Circle.

Apple lost ground in the premium smartphone market last year according to Counterpoint Research. The iPhone went down from 58% to 51% of the over-$400 smartphone market. 

The 7 point decrease of the iPhone was met with a 14% increase in the overall segment, so it mostly evened out. Apple share of the profits of the smartphone market as a whole fell 2 points to 73%.

Questions arise after the Qualcomm settlement. We still don't know if Apple will use Qualcomm 5G chips, their own or an unlikely third option. Here's what we do know:

Apple will release their quarterly earnings results later today. Neil Cybart has been constantly nailing the results for the best part of the last two years. Go read his analysis: iPhone rev -17%, Services +20% and the rest is a mixed bag. Wall Street thinks it’ll be lower.

Uber IPO gives a ballpark of Apple's investment in Didi. Uber claims their 15% share of Didi is worth $8 billion. Apple got approx. 5% of Didi for $1b, after dilution it could be worth $2-3 billion.

Will Apple get exclusive podcasts? Spotify is creating more and more exclusives, Luminary launch shows there's an appetite for it. Breaking "independence" could prove tricky to Apple.

About 31% of Apple Music users share the account to save money. The figure is lower than Netflix (45%) but higher than Spotify (22%). Interesting, because Apple is very restrictive and doesn't allow to simultaneous playback. 

Tim Cook gave Time an extensive interview with a wide range of topics, from immigration reform to privacy values. Future of health was also discussed. 

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