How would a foldable iPhone look like?

A case about ratios and screen sizes

Foldable screens are a thing now. And many people, fans of Apple or not, wonder if the company that makes the iPhone would dare to go this route. If they do, it’ll probably take Apple a few years. While we wait, let’s have some fun wondering about such an hypothetical device.

There are many benefits to a foldable phone (and lots of drawbacks). The main advantage is that you could get a small phone that unfolds into a big phone, or a big phone that transforms into a tablet-like device. Both ideas are worth entertaining.

Case #1: small to big phone

A device with an iPhone 8-like screen (4.7”, 16:9) could unfold to make for a a bigger 6.8” screen and a 4:3 ratio, with a total area 2.3 times bigger. It would have a screen that’s almost 75% as big as an iPad Mini (with smaller bezels), that could fold back into a “iPhone 8” size. That’s enticing.

Case #2: big phone to tablet

For people that doesn’t mind having a big phone, they could convert it into a full blown tablet. A phone with a screen similar to the iPhone XS (5.8”, 19.5:9) could hide a 7.9” screen with an unusual ratio of 10:9 of 200 sqcm. A bigger screen, like the one in the iPhone XS Max (6.5”) could become a 8.8” after unfolding.

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